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Month: August 2020

When is the Best Time to Build Your House

Once you have decided to build a house, you must also settle on a suitable timeframe for the project. The timing is important because it will guide you on how to effectively plan the activities of the project from commencement to completion. Generally, the key things that you should consider when choosing a suitable time for residential construction are the weather conditions and the amount of work to be done. Nevertheless, here’s a guideline for building a home at different times of the year. 

Construction in Spring 

Spring is usually characterized by wet grounds that sometimes get frozen. Besides, it also usually experiences storms and winds, which could make some outdoor works quite risky. As such, spring is not the best time to start building a home. Instead, many contractors prefer to handle indoor work in the first months. If you must start construction in spring, it is advisable to wait until the last months. 

Construction in Winter 

Winter is a holiday season when most contractors are off-duty with only a few handling smaller remodeling works. However, the cost of building materials often drops in winter since it does not experience lots of construction activities. Despite the financial reprieve, starting construction in winter may be subject to delays. 

Construction in Summer 

Summer can be a suitable time to build if you have a flexible schedule. Due to the favorable weather for serious construction activities, you can expect the cost of building materials to go high. Besides, most contractors usually prefer working in cooler months and may find the summer heat too extreme for outdoor works. 

Construction in Autumn 

Many building contractors advise that you begin residential construction in autumn. Then, the soil is still quite dry, making it easy to pour concrete foundations. Besides, the weather is also cool, allowing your contractors to do as much as they can. With a proper schedule, your contractors can raise the walls and even do the roofing before winter. 

Overall, choosing the right time of the year to build your house can be challenging. It mainly requires keen attention to the particular nature of construction activities, weather, and budget. Nevertheless, you should engage the help of a professional builder to bring your vision to life. …

Which are the Major Challenges Facing the Construction Industry

While construction remains as one of the largest and rapidly growing industries today, it also has its unique set of obstacles. The challenges may vary from one region to another but, there are also certain key obstacles experienced across the board. The following are some of the major challenges facing the construction industry. 

Shortage of Labor 

The past recession saw the construction industry lose more than 2 million jobs, which it has not been able to recover until today. Due to the time-sensitive nature of construction projects, the labor shortage is a big problem that further causes project delays and additional expenditure. On the other hand, labor shortages also make it hard for contractors to find the right talents that can deliver quality work. 


Safety in construction sites is a challenge that has continued to plague the industry for decades. The safety concerns mainly revolve around training construction workers on safety measures, provision of safety equipment and gear, and ensuring worksites are free of safety hazards. Besides, contractors should also have the proper insurance to cover their workers and machinery against common risks in construction sites. Safety issues can be major financial deficits, resulting in lost wages, delays, and even lawsuits in worst cases. 

Rising Costs of Building Materials 

The prices of land and raw construction materials have continued to skyrocket over the past years, creating a significant obstacle to small construction companies and individuals looking to build new homes. Besides, some natural disasters can also interfere with supply lines, causing a huge demand for construction materials that hikes the prices. 

Apart from the above challenges, technology is also another element that has continued to disrupt the construction industry. The adoption of technology in the construction sector has been quite slow with most subcontractors still not sure of how to utilize it. Nevertheless, finding better ways to navigate those challenges should be the main focus of every builder that seeks to acquire a competitive edge in the constantly changing construction industry.…

Which is the Best Month for Building a House

Although construction projects usually run throughout the year, it does not mean you can just start building at any time. Construction involves a series of outdoor and indoor activities that can sometimes be impossible in certain weather conditions. As such, there are some months when it would not be a good idea to start building a house. 

On the other hand, there are also certain months with favorable weather when building a house can be a walk in the park. While every month has unique weather patterns, most builders say spring is the best time to begin building a house. The following are some of the reasons why spring is the best time of the year to build a house. 

Longer Days and Sunlight 

In spring, the days are usually longer and there is also plenty of sunlight throughout the day. That will allow builders to maximize their time on the project, handling both outdoor and indoor construction activities. 

Mild Temperatures 

Most builders often avoid working in the summer heat and winter cold. The extreme temperatures pose great health and safety risks to workers and that is why many contractors will avoid working in summer and winter. As such, spring offers a great time with mild temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot. Spring is generally cool and dry, allowing your team of builders to stay on schedule without any difficulties. 

If you choose to start building your home in spring, make sure it is in the early months. That will enable you to pour the foundation, do the framing, and work on other exterior features before the temperatures go up. Towards the end of spring, the builders can now work on the interior parts of the house. 

While spring is generally the best time to start building a house, you can still do the project in summer, winter, or autumn with a good plan and the help of a professional builder. Feel free to research some great construction contractors and businesses by visiting this site here. https://www.homeadvisor.com/