Which is Better, To Build or Buy a House?

Most people ask themselves this common question when they want to get a new home. If you’re going to build a home to save money, one must carry out serious research to make sure that they spare some bucks and get a better house. 

Buying an already built house sometimes makes sense as compared to building one. However, the cost of buying and building depends on several factors. The most common factors to keep in mind when deciding whether to buy or build a house include;

  1. Convenience

When searching for a home, it can be challenging to find one with all the aspects that you want, especially when you have a limited budget or a unique wish in your mind. Therefore it would be much more comfortable and better to start your house from scratch, containing all the features you want. This option may not be secure or cost-effective. If one decides to build a house, you will have to find and buy land and incur preparation costs. The more the custom-built home you want, the more expensive it is.

  1. Time

Also, when building a house, you require more time. In fact, it may take as long as a few months to years. More custom buildings take time, which means that you need to stay in your existing situation while you wait for your new home to be completed. Buying a preexisting home reduces the time you will need to be in your new house. Furthermore, it saves you time and stress of undertaking the construction process from the beginning to the end. 

  1. Extra costs

You may also consider other costs that may be avoided by purchasing a house, such as installing electricity, driveway and garage, water, and buying new appliances. Any temporary housing you may need when the house is being built also increases expenses, therefore, increasing the cost of building a house.  

  1. A high initial cost

On the other hand, buying a house also comes with additional challenges. You may be required to put a much higher earnest deposit that is the same as building a house. However, when buying a home, the money spent as a deposit is given back, although it needs to be weighed in the decision-making process. The massive cost of buying may lead you to take a loan, which most people don’t consider wise. 


As you’ve seen, many factors come into play when choosing whether to buy or build a house. Some of these factors cannot be measured in monitory terms, thus making the dilemma more complex. While buying a home gives you flexibility and convenience, building one gives you diversity and personal pleasure.

Some people are more comfortable with custom builds, and thus they can sacrifice all other factors in favour of building their own house. Conversely, other people will prefer to buy a house to avoid all the hassles of building a house. After considering the different factors, it’ll be wise to choose the choice that you feel comfortable from your side.

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